Beebe Boatworks
Is Not Recommended

Why Beebe Boatworks IS NOT Recommended

Beebe Boatworks Took My Money and I Had To Sue

I took my boat to Beebe Boatworks.  Mr. Beebe promised to do a good job, so I made a down payment of $8,000.  Before any work was done on the boat, a friend of mine suggested that I pick up my boat from Beebe Boatworks because his boat had been there for 6 months on a 6-week job, so I told Mr. Beebe to let my friend remove the boat for me which he did.  Mr. Beebe then agreed to return my deposit.  I had numerous discussions after that with Mr. Beebe regarding my deposit.  In each discussion, he said he would return it as soon as he delivered a particular boat and got paid.  I never got my deposit back, sued him, and now have a judgment against him in the court in Charleston.  I did not do my homework before giving Mr. Beebee my money, or I would have known that he had several judgments against him already.  I suggest you do your homework before you give him any money.  My friend finally took workers to Beebe Boatworks and finished his boat himself.  Pat M.

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Before considering Beebe Boatworks, please make sure you do your homework on who you are dealing with. There are over 30 Judgements against Beebe Boatworks, Beebe Woodworks, and Peter Christopher Beebe.



1533 Folly Road, Charleston, South Carolina 29412, United States